FAQ - Website

When and where do you meet?

Our main meetings are on Sunday and Wednesday. On Sunday, we meet in our main worship center at 504 E. Struass St. in Bellville. Our worship service is at 10:45AM. Our Sunday School groups meet at 9:20AM. We also have an evening service at 6:00PM which is more laid back and is designed for those wanting to go deeper in their faith.

On Wednesday, we have a Pastor’s Bible study and prayer time at 6:00PM. AWANA (during the school year) for pre-school to 6th Grade and BellvilleYouth for 7th-12th grade.

What are your services like?

Our services typically last about an hour and include times of prayer, singing, listening to a sermon, responding to the message, giving, and fellowship. Our worship services have a blended style, which means that we have a good mix of classic hymns and modern worship songs. We have a worship team and a praise band, but focus our time on preaching through the Bible, explaining its truth for our time.

Our pastor describes his preaching as “Expositional, Convictional, and Applicable” preaching. 
This is accomplished best by preaching verse by verse through the books of the Bible. His conviction is that it is more important to hear what God has to say and has said, than what he as the preacher will say or wants to say.

What should I wear?

Most of our church members dress in a casual and comfortable style. You’ll notice some folks who tend to dress up for church and others who don’t. Feel free to wear what’s comfortable for you.

Do you have childcare?

Yes! We have a safe, clean, and fun environment for children to play and learn. We have childcare for Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening activities. For children age 4 and up, they are invited to join their parents in the worship services on Sunday mornings. On Sunday and Wednesday nights, there are activities for kids of all ages. 

Of course, if you would like to bring children younger than age 4 into the worship service, you are welcome to do so.

What do you believe?

See what we believe on the 
“What We Believe”  page. We are Christian, evangelical, Baptist, and conservative.

How can I get “plugged in?”

The best way to plug in to our church is by joining a Sunday School. You will become a part of a community, study the Bible together, follow Jesus together, and serve others together. We don’t consider our members fully connected until they are involved with a Sunday School.

Why do you guys sometimes baptize and take the Lord’s Supper?

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are two things that Jesus commanded the church to regularly observe. Baptism is the way that you signify to others that you are following Jesus. This takes place soon after you make a decision to follow Christ. 
The Lord’s Supper is a way that the church regularly reminds itself of what Jesus has done for us. We take the bread to remind ourselves that Jesus’ body was broken for us. We take the grape juice (“wine”) to remind ourselves that Jesus’ blood was spilt for us. We take the Lord’s Supper regularly as a visual reminder of the gospel.

How can I find out more?

You can feel free to contact our church office at 979-865-3644 or staff@fbcbellvill.org. It is a great way to find out more about our purpose, process, vision, beliefs, leadership, and ministries.