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January 2018

Hope, Worth, Power, Plan – Ephesians 1:15-23

Hope, Worth, God’s power, God’s plan – Ephesians 1:15-23

The Big Picture – Life of Worship Matthew 22 36-38

My aim: Your life is to be spent living in worship to God.
What is a life of worship?
Responding with all we are—mind, emotion, and will—to the revelation of God

Motive – The glory of God Matthew 28:18-20

Matthew 28:18-20, ESV
Remember our mission, and the authority of the One who gave it.
Motive – the glory of God
Mission – the Great Commission
Vision – Varies from church to church


December 2017

One Name – John 4:1-26

One Name John 4:1-26
1. The need for Jesus is universal (vs 1-9)
2. The need for Jesus is personal (vs 10-20)
  a. Jesus reveals our sin   b. Jesus offers satisfaction
3. The need for Jesus is eternal (vs 21-26)

Don’t Waste your Christmas (or Life) – Luke 2:36-38

Don’t Waste your Christmas (or Life) – Luke 2:36-38
My aim: A life of devotion to God is not a wasted life
1. Devotion to God is really all that matters
2. Devotion to God is available to all

Christ, the Hope of the World – Luke 2:25-35

Christ, the Hope of the World – Luke 2:25-35
My aim: Hope in this world is found in personally recognizing and trusting in Jesus.
1. We must personally recognize Jesus as Savior (vs. 25-33)
2. We must personally trust in Jesus (vs. 34-35)

Simplicity of Christmas – Luke 2:8-20

Simplicity of Christmas – Luke 2:8-20
Simple People (vs 8-11)
Simple Instructions (vs. 12-13)
Simple Response (vs. 14-20)

The Joy of Christmas – Luke 2:1-7

The Joy of Christmas – Luke 2:1-7
My aim: Rediscover the joy of Christmas by remembering the best news in the world, God’s gift of the Savior, Christ the Lord.
1. Historical Context (vs. 1-3)
2. Political Context (vs. 4-5)
3. Personal Context (vs. 6-7)
The good news about Christ the Savior is that it is historically true.
The good news about Christ the Savior is that it is not fake news.

November 2017

2 Corinthians 9 6-15 – Give Generously

My aim: The disciple of Jesus is generous.
2 Corinthians 9:6-15
1. The more seeds you plant, the greater potential of the harvest (vs. 6-7)
2. You choose how much you give (vs 7)
3. God rewards generous givers (vs 8-11)
4. Generosity touches everything (vs. 12-15)

Matthew 6:19-24 – A Generous Life

A Generous Life
Matthew 6:19-24
1. We identify the object of our worship
2. We determine who we will worship
3. We arrange our priorities around the One we worship

ACTS 8:26-40 – Philip’s Evangelism Strategy

ACTS 8:26-40 – Philip’s Evangelism Strategy

My aim: God saves people when obedient Christians share the gospel.
1. Philip obeyed God (vs 26-29)
2. Philip listened to the lost (vs. 30-34)
3. Philip shared the gospel (vs 35)
4. Philip let the gospel save (vs. 36-37)
5. Philip baptized the saved (vs. 38)
6. Philip continued on mission (vs. 39-40)

ACTS 8:1-25 – Gospel Fame

My aim: The greatness of the gospel is worthy of its spread in every situation we find ourselves.
1. The gospel is great, because it thrives under opposition (vs 1-4)
2. The gospel is great, because it is for everybody (vs. 5-8)
3. The gospel is great, because it has power over satan (vs. 9-25)

October 2017

ACTS 7:54-8:3 – Stephen, the Martyr

My aim: How much are you willing to give to follow Jesus?
1. Stephen was asked to sacrifice more than other disciples.
2. Stephen’s closeness to Christ lead to it costing his life.
3. Stephen displays the love of Christ in his death.

ACTS 7 1-53 – Stephen, the Message

My aim: Following Jesus is better than religion.
1. Following Jesus is not the same as being religious (vs. 1)
2. Following Jesus means that God’s Word is your foundation (vs. 2-50)
3. Following Jesus means you challenge religion (vs. 51-53)

ACTS 6-8-15 – Stephen, the Man

My aim: Your character will determine your courage in the face of trials.
Stephen’s Character
Stephen’s Courage (vs. 9-14)
Stephen’s Countenance (vs. 15)

ACTS 6 1-7 Growing Pains

To see that the church shifted itself in structure so that people were served and the Word was priority.
Diagnosed the problem
Determined the priorities
Delegated the responsibility
Discovered the results

ACTS 5-12-42 – Keep Sharing Jesus

No matter what, we must obey God by sharing Jesus with others.
We obey God out because Jesus is alive (vs. 12-16)
We obey God so that others will know Jesus, and the church grow.
We obey God no matter who stands in opposition (vs. 17-26)
We obey God no matter what the cost (vs. 27-42)

September 2017

ACTS 4-32-5-11 – Hypocrisy in the Church

My aim: Hypocrisy in the Church is real, and we should diligently pursue godly character.
Unity in the Church (4:32-37)
Hypocrisy in the Church (5:1-11)
We must pursue godly character

ACTS 4-13-31 – What Happens When you Spend Time With Jesus

We all should seek to spend time with Jesus to be bold witnesses for Jesus.
The Sanhedrin’s Problem (vs. 13-16)
The Sanhedrin’s Solution (vs. 17-18)
The Disciple’s Response(vs. 19-22)
The Church’s Response (vs. 23-31)
A Spirit-Filled Witness is controlled and obeys God before man

ACTS 4-1-12 – The Name with Power

You would trust in the most power name of Jesus.
His name Divides (vs. 1-4)
His name is Exclusive (vs. 5-7)
A Spirit-Filled Witness is controlled and obeys God before man

ACTS 3-11-26 – Embolden By the Spirit

Show you the best way to glorify God.
He Exalts Jesus (vs. 12-16)
He Confronts Sinners (vs. 14-18)
He Offers God’s grace (vs. 18-26)
The World Divides (4:1-4)

August 2017

ACTS – 3 1-10

Summer in the Psalms – 25

Come and learn what pleasing God looks like in the midst of trials.
The Struggle
Shame (vs. 2, 3, 19, 20)
Isolation (vs. 16)
Regret (vs. 7, 8, 11, 18)
Confusion (vs. 4-5, 8-12)
The Request
The Anticipation
Humility (vs. 9)
Obedience (vs. 10)
Reverence (vs. 12, 14)
Expectation (vs. 15)

Summer in the Psalms – 24

(bad audio)
You would meet this King of Glory.
The Earth’s King (vs. 1-2)
The People’s King (vs. 3-6)
The King of Kings (vs. 7-10)

July 2017

Summer in the Psalms – 22

(bad audio)
Jesus suffered as a sacrifice, and we are to proclaim that to the world.
See His Suffering (1-21)
Trust and Tell (vs. 22-31)

Summer in the Psalms – 19

Summer in the Psalms – 18.2

The grace of God is given that we might glory in God.
A Thought (25-29)
A Second Thought (30-45)
A Final Thought (46-50)

June 2017

Summer in the Psalms – 18

My aim: His sovereign hand protects and provides and He is worthy of praise.
1. The death of David (1-5)
2. The Character of God (2)
3. The Providence and Purpose of God (20-24)

Summer in the Psalms – 17

Aim: That we would be a church that pursues after the Lord in prayer boldly and confidently
An Appeal for Response (vss. 1-5)
An Appeal for Rescue
An Appeal for Retribution
An Appeal for Rest

ACTS 2-42-47 – The Launching of the Church Pt. 2- Her Health

A healthy church is a Spirit-filled church.
  1. God
  2. God’s People
  3. God’s World

ACTS 2-14-41 – The Launching of the Church Pt. 1- The Message

The first church launched with a gospel-centered, Jesus-exalting, Spirit-filled sermon.
1. Convictional (vs 14)
2. Text-Driven (vs 15-28; 34-35)
3. Jesus Exalting (vs. 22-24)
4. Evangelistic (vs 37-40)
5. Fruitful (vs 41)

May 2017

ACTS 2-5-13 – What’s up with Pentecost Pt 2

The point of Pentecost is mission which is the proclamation of the gospel to the nations
1. Prophecy Proves True
2. Prophecy Produces Proclamation
Pentecost is the great reversal of the Tower of Babel.

Exodus 33 – Knowing Him and Following Him

Aim: That we would be a church that is identified with the LORD by knowing Him and following Him
Moses had a desire to know the LORD
Moses had a desire to follow the LORD
Moses had a desire to be identified with the LORD

ACTS 2-1-13 – What’s up with Pentecost

Pentecost is God’s equipping of the church with power to be on mission.
1. United Still (vs. 1)
2. Three Phenomena (vs. 2-4)
-A Sound (vs. 2)
-A Sight (vs. 3)
-A Speech (vs. 4)

ACTS 1-12-26 – Waiting on God

My aim: The church that obeys is the church that prays.

  1. They Obeyed
  2. They Prayed (vs. 14)
  3. They United (vs. 15-26)

April 2017

ACTS – 1-9-11 – The Ascension

My aim: There is no salvation and no mission without the ascension.
  1. The Ascension Ends Jesus’ Earthly Mission
  2. The Ascension Begins Jesus’ Heavenly Mission
  3. The Ascension Confirms our Mission

ACTS – 1-1-8 – Doing the Work of Jesus

My aim: Doing the work of Jesus requires the right foundation, with the right power, and with the right focus.
  1. Right Foundation (vs. 1-3)
  2. Right Power (vs. 4-5)
  3. Right Focus (vs. 6-8)

BEHOLD Jesus – His Resurrection (Matthew 28-1-10)

BEHOLD Jesus – His Cross (Matthew 27-27-27-54)

BEHOLD Jesus – His Gospel (1 Corinthians 15-1-11)

March 2017

BEHOLD Jesus – His Love (John 3-16-18)

My aim: The shocking love of God for this depraved world is so great He gave His Son to whoever would believe in Him.
John 3:16-18, ESV
1.  Behold the shocking love of God
2.  His shocking love sent Christ to save us
3.  But only for those who believe

The Great Exchange

BEHOLD Jesus – His Name (Matthew 1-18-25)

My Aim: Behold the most beautiful name of Jesus.
Matthew 1:18-25, ESV
1.His Identity
2.His Intention
3.His Involvement

BEHOLD Jesus – His Divinity (Mark 8-27-8-29)

My aim: Jesus has revealed Himself to us, and is worthy of our worship.
Mark 8:27-29, ESV
Did Jesus say the things that only God would say?
Did Jesus do the kinds of things that only God would do?
How should we respond to the works/words of Jesus in light of this?

February 2017

BEHOLD Jesus – His Humanity (Phil 2-5-11)

My aim: In the humanity of Jesus, we are encouraged in our mission to be more like Jesus.
Philippians 2:5-11
  1. Jesus Was Emptied (vs. 5-7)
  2. Jesus Was Executed(vs. 8)
  3. Jesus was Exalted(vs. 9-11)

2017 Mission Vision

Not to Be Served, but to Serve – Matthew 20-20

January 2017

New Attitude – Mailing it In (1 Chronicles 4-9-10)

DNow Weekend – Don’t Be Anxious – Matthew 6 25-34

New Attitude – Walking with Confidence – Joshua 3

My Aim: God does not ask us to go where He does not lead.
  • The Challenge (vs. 3-4)
  • The Command (vs. 5)
  • The Commitment (vs. 6-13)