In 1950, First Baptist Church called a young man to be their pastor, Rev. Bill McDaniel. Upon his arrival, the church saw tremendous growth. In 1951, TL Smith, Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee, sought out in the country for a new location for First Baptist to gather. Upon his research, he, along with his committee, found 3 lots of property for $3,300, where we currently are located. January 1952, the church voted to relocate.
On June 26, 1953, the church had their dedication service. January of 1955, 8:55am, the original structure burned down. By the end of that same year, they had already rebuilt and were worshiping again on this site. 
Our church family today faces similar problems our church family in 1950 faced:
  • Land Locked (currently sit on 3.6 acres surrounded by residential)
  • Parking
  • Education Space for Children/Youth 
  • Sanctuary Space for Families to worship together
The motivation to relocate is rooted in our mission: To be a gospel-centered family on mission to make disciples. Our vision is to reach people in all of Austin County for the sake of the His Kingdom, His glory, His renown, and for the joy of His people. More about our Mission and Vision.


Over the past 6 years, First Bellville has experienced unprecedented growth. The Staff, Long Range Planning Committee, in conjunction with the Building Committee, have labored as to how to aid our growth. This process has led down several different paths of exploration, all of which have led us to today.  


The Staff, Long Range Planning Committee, in conjunction with the Building Committee are prayerfully proceeding with diligence to bring before the church family the right next step. Please join us by praying for these men and women as they help us prepare for our future. 
Members are also encouraged to participate in our church-wide fasting. You may download the guide here: Prayer and Fasting 2018.


Understandably, you may have questions. We want to do our very best to answer each of your concerns. Periodically, a document will be updated with many of your questions answered.
You may download that file here:


3.4.18 – Announcement to Church family of the potential property
3.11.18 – Open House on potential property
3.18.18 – Business Meeting to discuss Due Diligence report
4.8.18 – Church-wide vote on move
Following the church vote, we’ll purchase the property, develop a full master plan of the property, and begin capital campaign.
The church would not relocate to the new site immediately, rather upon all due diligence reports, master plan established, and funding of projects.


You are welcome to contribute to this project by going to our Giving Page.

First Bellville Property Opportunity

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