Minister of Music
First Baptist Bellville
Bellville, Texas
Posted 9/14/2021
Categories: Music Ministry
Denominations: Southern Baptist
Church Size: 250-300
Job Type: Full Time
First Baptist Bellville seeks a Minister of Music who will plan, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive music ministry. Bellville, Texas, is located west of Houston. Salary and compensation will be dependent upon the candidate’s education and/or experience.
1. Duties
• Coordinate the Church music ministry wit the calendar and emphases of the Church
• Lead the worship team in determining music ministry goals, organization leadership, facilities, finances and administration process for the music ministry
• Assist the Pastor in planning congregational services of the Church; be responsible for the selection of the music
• Counsel families for weddings and funerals to be held in the church. Arrange and provide music when requested. Arrange and provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups
• Develop and coordinate a children’s choir/group. Direct music groups and congregational singing or arrange for someone else to do so
• Develop and coordinate adult music for a Christmas and Easter performance
• Supervise the work of all leaders in the music ministry
• Work in cooperation with the appropriate persons in selecting, enlisting, training and counseling with song leaders, accompanists and other musicians who serve in church ministry organizations
• Coordinate the performance schedule of music groups and individuals in the functions of the church
• Give direction to a music ministry plan of outreach and enlistment
• Supervise maintenance of and additions to the music library and equipment; provide musical materials, supplies instruments and other music equipment for use in the Church’s ministry
• Keep up to date on current music methods, materials, promotion and administration, utilizing them where appropriate
• Coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals
• Work with staff and coordinate social media plan for the music ministry
• Prepare an annual budget to be recommended to the Stewardship Committee
• Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor
2. Qualifications
• Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
• Ability to recruit and shepherd volunteer musicians in the Christian life.
• Love and respect for people.
• Sense of humor and positive attitude.
• Strong team player with the rest of the staff and congregation.
• Attested musical skills and competence. Ability to organize, to coordinate, and to motivate musicians and technical team members.
• Committed to the church’s vision, leadership, and people.
• Dependable, responsible, self-motivated, and creative.
• Bachelor’s degree in Music preferred. (or comparable experience in the field)
• Working knowledge of choral rehearsal techniques and conducting.
• Proficiency on an instrument such as piano or guitar etc
• Knowledge of copyright laws.
• Be involved in evangelism and membership care; at least in one’s own ministry area, as a fundamental part of the total ministry of the church.
• Make every effort to ensure the safety and security of anyone involved in any activity or ministry of the Church in accordance with policy, regardless of whether they have direct staff supervision responsibility or no. Particular care should be taken around the church campus.
• Ability to lead both traditional and contemporary church music
• Maintain confidentiality when requested, in regard to personnel matters, and in “counseling-type” situations.
• Have a personal life that upholds the highest values the Christian faith and does not detract from one’s own ministry of the church.
• Participate in leadership training and professional growth opportunities.
• Experience with technical aspects of worship services: for example, sound boards, lights, etc. is a plus.
• Computer knowledge – general knowledge of office machines.
Please include links to leading worship and/or performance