Job Title: Youth Minister
Reports to: Senior Pastor
Position Status: Full-Time
Contact: Send all responses to
The Youth Minister is primarily responsible for shepherding the needs of students grade 7-12 and college age. He is to develop a comprehensive discipleship program of education and activities in an atmosphere of spiritual growth, by planning, conducting and evaluating the on-going student ministry. His strategy will fall in line with the mission, vision, and strategy of the church in congruence with the Senior Pastor. He is also responsible for activities, policies and procedures that relate to this area of ministry.
1. Counsel with the church staff in developing a discipleship strategy, which includes recruiting, training and empowering adult volunteers, programming, conducting, and evaluating the ministry.
2. Plan and lead weekly discipleship and outreach/evangelism that is contextual and age-specific. This includes choosing of curriculum, teaching, finding teachers, evaluating the students needs/responses, follow-up, etc.
3. Work with and organize leaders to coordinate visitation of guests and those who are missing from regular meetings. Visitation will be conducted by the Youth Minister, youth volunteers, and students.
4. Plan and find sponsors for summer camps, Disciple Now, retreats, short-term mission trips, and conferences.
5. Will recruit teachers for Sunday School, and annually evaluate the program, keeping abreast of new materials, procedures and methods in regards to curriculum and structure.
6. Personally witness to students.
7. Provide community-wide youth activities to reach unsaved or unchurched students.
8. Provide church-wide youth activities (i.e., fellowships, parties, retreats, trips, etc.).
9. Provide youth with opportunities of service within the church.
10. Responsible for publicity of youth activities through Social Media, Newsletter, fliers, mail-outs, announcements, etc.
11. Provide youth with the opportunity to participate in a summer camp experience.
12. Be visible on appropriate school campuses and at student’s activities.
1. Be involved in the total church program. Attending Sunday morning/evening worship services, special church-wide events, staff meetings, retreats, etc.
2. Be involved in counseling during worship services and during the week, hospital visitation, and outreach as needed.
3. Be actively part of the community, building relationships with those who are far from Christ with the purpose of sharing the gospel with them.
4. Be a regular and consistent attender, giver, and member of First Baptist Church Bellville.
5. Participate in seminars and other continuing education opportunities for personal growth and new ministry ideas.
6. All responsibilities are under the supervision of, and coordinated with, the Senior Pastor.
7. Assist the Senior Pastor in areas of pastoral ministries as requested.
1. Submit to the leadership of the Senior Pastor in matters of performance of duties, attendance, and expectations.
2. Annual evaluations will be performed by the Senior Pastor.
3. Prepare and submit the annual Youth budget proposals to the Stewardship Committee each year.
4. Conflicts within ministerial areas of responsibilities are to be handled in an edifying manner, calling on the Senior Pastor for assistance, if necessary.
5. He should be committed to maintaining a scheduled family time, including weekly protected time and annual vacation periods (as indicated in Employee Policy Handbook). He should recognize the need for personal free time, and continually show the importance of family by practically focusing on his family’s welfare to ensure that they are cared for spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This should be lived out by modeling a life prioritized by being a Christina first, husband second, father third, and minister to our church fourth (see 1 Timothy 3:4-5).
1. Perform pastoral ministries (crisis visitation, funerals and weddings) as needed.
2. Lead in worship services upon Senior Pastor’s request.
3. Supervise committees as designated by Senior Pastor.
I have read and received a copy of my job description. I understand this overrides any information that I may have received verbally in the past. I further understand that I am expected to follow my job description as outlined herein. If I have any further questions concerning what is expected of me, I will speak directly to my direct supervisor.


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